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Our innovations – Local Authorities Sector

Our innovations - Roads sector

Because we have to respond to all the constraints you may encounter, our Innovation, Research and Development center works on your issues and provides a solution adapted to your needs in road cleaning, street furniture, voluntary drop-off points and communities.

Our range of products allows us to offer you Autonomous Cleaning Units (UNA) to be installed in a commercial vehicle, on a trailer, on a flatbed vehicle or with specific bodywork.

These units can operate with hot or cold water and with or without detergent. The fuels offered are Gasoline, Diesel, Non-Road Diesel, Fuel Oil, Vehicle Natural Gas or driven by the PTO of the carrier vehicle.

We also offer a whole range of hydro-erasers for carrying out anti-graffiti work on any type of surface (soft or hard), accepting different grain sizes and coupled with our autonomous cleaning units described above.

Autonomous electric washer

Our engineering team has developed an autonomous electric washer. This vehicle runs on town gas and electricity. This system allows us to offer an ecological street washing solution. Equipped with a washing ramp at the front and a 360° lance on arm, this vehicle allows the washing of roads and street furniture.

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Gas hydrogummy

The Montanier R&D team has innovated with a gas-powered hydroglomer for road services. A hot water high pressure cleaner can accompany this hydrogummer. It works on the vehicle's PTO and on town gas. Professional anti-graffiti equipment, our hydro-erasers allow you to work on all surfaces and in all situations. Our sandblasters accept a wide variety of grain sizes. We can offer you our cleaners with operation from 10 to 30 L/min, from 80 to 350 bars and from 0 to 120°C.

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Autonomous gas cleaning unit

Our team of engineers has developed an autonomous gas cleaning unit. Our hot water pressure washers operate on the vehicle's PTO and on town gas. Professional equipment, our cleaners allow you to work on all surfaces and in all situations. We can offer you the cleaners can with an operation of 10 to 30L/min, from 80 to 350bars and from 0 to 120°C.

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